Announcement of winners from Royal Orchid Plus Activity

An announcement of the winners ‘World Heritage Quiz with Royal Orchid Plus’, the 10th, 30th, 60th, 100th, 150th, 180th, 230th, 260th, 300th, and 330th entrants will receive a Royal Orchid Plus cap (coming in mixed colors), each valued at 340 THB. Ten prizes will be given.

  1. KhunPurthipong Viboonlarp
  2. Khunณภัทร สิงห์เสนี
  3. KhunKritsana Potsatian
  4. KhunSupanat Sutthitaveesup
  5. KhunChalermporn Thammachataree
  6. Khunเบญจวรรณ กนกวารี
  7. KhunRingtones Eiamsaad
  8. Khunแสนรัก ชุณหวชิร
  9. Khunระศิพรรณ นุ่นคง
  10. KhunNatthawan Hunnangkul

Terms and Conditions

  1. Royal Orchid Plus gives the right to Media Expertise International (Thailand) to be responsible for conducting this online campaign.
  2. Royal Orchid Plus reserves the right to amend terms and conditions without prior notice.
  3. Entrants are subject to the terms and conditions as well as the decision of the judge.
  4. In case of any dispute regarding either the terms and conditions or the decision of the judge, Royal Orchid Plus reserves the right of final decision.
  5. The winners of prizes over THB 1,000 are liable to pay 5% government tax.
  6. Employees and family members of Royal Orchid Plus, Thai Airways International (plc), Media Expertise International (Thailand) Ltd., the contractors hired to produce marketing materials for this campaign and all subsidiary companies are not eligible for the contest.
  7. Entrants and winners agree that in the event of any injury, death, or damage to property arising from participation in the campaign or from winning one of the prizes, Royal Orchid Plus shall take no responsibility. Responsibility lies solely with entrants and winners.
  8. Entrants have no right to demand that other parties take responsibility for any damages incurred, either directly or indirectly, while participating in the campaign.
  9. Royal Orchid Plus reserves the right to publicise or show details of the activity for any marketing activity, advertisement, and appropriate publication. In addition, Royal Orchid Plus has the right to use the winner’s names and surnames for promotional purposes in any media, including TV, radio, outdoor media, internet, printing materials, Winning a prize constitutes the winner’s consent to Royal Orchid Plus’s use of the aforementioned details.
  10. Entrants and winners agree that, in participating, any act of the entrants / winners which is fraudulent or is a violation of criminal or civil law is the sole responsibility of the entrants / winners and Royal Orchid Plus shall take no responsibility under any cirumstances.
  11. For more information, please contact Khun Nutthayah Tel. 0-2391-9595 ext.153 Media Expertise International (Thailand) Media Expertise International (Thailand) Ltd., from 10.00 – 17.00 hrs on Monday – Friday.